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RESIGNATION: Resignation announcements until 31st of May 2018 latest. Participation fees will not be refunded. Organisation and bus fees are refundable less a cancellation fee of 10%. Resignation announcements after 1st of June 2018: NO REFUND possible!
I confirm to have a health insurance for foreign countries which includes repatriation (please carry insurance documents with you). We recommend a travel cancellation insurance and a canoe insurance.
* I confirm having read the Conditions of Participation which I hereby accept. With my registration I commit to comply with these Conditions of Participation. I take part in the TID at my own risk and confirm being in good state of health and able to swim. I am equal to all required tasks during such event. My boat is equipped in accordance to the requirements of safety on international waterways (buoyancy device, life jacket, safety vest in fog, correct inscription on the boat etc.).
  I accept the storage of my personal data for TID purposes as well as the communication of my address to other TID participants and the publication of photos showing my person in reports about TID. Whilst taking photos and shots I assure to respect the privacy rights of all participants and do not infringe their legitimate interests.
  By using a bus transfer I agree to the disclosure of my address to the bus operator.
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