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I need a parking space in Winzer for stage 1
I need a parking space in Winzer for stage 2
If necessary, I am also prepared to take over the group leadership for a TID stage.
CANCELLATION: Cancellation notifications must be received by 31.05.2020. Participation fees will be not, organisation and bus fees will be refunded until 31.05.2020 minus a cancellation fee of 10%. For cancellations received after 01.06.2020, no fees can be refunded.
An international health insurance with repatriation is mandatory, the certificate of the insurance has to be carried along during the journey. A cancellation insurance and a canoe insurance are recommended.
* I have read and accepted the TID Conditions of Participation and agree to comply with them. I take part in the TID at my own risk, I am healthy, can swim and feel up to the efforts of such a sporting event. My boat will be equipped according to the safety regulations (buoyancy aids, life jacket, warning / safety vest in case of rain, fog or poor visibility, boat trolley, lettrage, boat name).
  I agree to the storage of my address for TID purposes, to the forwarding of my address to other TID participants for the purpose of possible carpooling and to the publication of photos in articles about TID on which I am pictured. I assure you that I will respect the personal rights of the persons depicted in my own photos and films and will not violate their legitimate interests.
  When using a bus transfer, I agree to pass on my address to the bus company. If you register only for bus transfers a separate booking confirmation will be sent.
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